About Our Company

SurfMyAds is truly an amazing partner to Southwestvacations.com and Funjet.com. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with their marketing team for over 5 years. Every individual I have interacted with is highly professional, attentive, and most of all, fun to work with. They are innovative, and always looking for unique opportunities that benefit both sides. The primary reason our relationship is so strong is due to the competent, knowledgeable, and efficient marketing team.

Southwest Vacations Southwest Vacations

SurfMyAds.com, Inc. was founded in Santa Barbara, California in 2006. Founder and CEO Aydin Karadeniz sought to establish innovative consumer platforms based on comprehensive analysis of key market trends. The result was the launch and success of numerous projects that bring value to thousands of online advertisers and users. In 2011, SurfMyAds.com, Inc. relocated to Santa Monica to assist the company’s growth and establish its niche in the thriving commercial landscape of Los Angeles. Much of SurfMyAds.com, Inc. remained with the company—an exemplification of enthusiasm and commitment to the firm’s future.

SurfMyAds.com, Inc. currently has offices outside of Santa Monica in Idaho and Istanbul, sustaining a workforce of close to 50 people. The employees foster an environment of togetherness and drive that emphasizes teamwork, support, and creativity. Key projects include PromotionalCodes.com, Coupons.ca, CouponWinner.com, and myShoes.com. A website by SurfMyAds.com, Inc. means a place for consumers to experience financial alleviation and options regarding their money. Shoppers from every walk of life can come together to spend less. The future of SurfMyAds.com, Inc. is bright; as current projects expand and the company brings life to new ones, SurfMyAds.com, Inc. will continue to be on the cutting edge in providing services to both businesses and consumers, equally assisting on both sides of the playing field.

Why the name SurfMyAds? When the company started up in Santa Barbara, we wanted to use a name that reflected our location and what we do. SurfMyAds is a combination of “surfing” and “advertising.” Our love of the California coastline and helping businesses succeed is the foundation of who we are.