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We are delighted to expand our services beyond the U.S. and into Europe and Canada. Our diverse user base is something we deeply pride ourselves on.


PromotionalCodes.com is a leading coupon website dedicated to providing coupons and offers for thousands of online retailers. Our mission is to help consumers save money while enjoying a hassle-free shopping experience. Users can easily navigate PromotionalCodes.com for exclusive coupons, popular coupons, or staff favorites, and even have their favorite coupons sent to them through our weekly newsletter. In 2013, PromotionalCodes.com launched its very own coupon app for both iPhone and Google Android platforms in order to expand their services to the mobile realm.



Coupons.ca is a leading development in the emerging Canadian coupon market. Our mission is to direct Canadian consumers to a comprehensive inventory of coupon codes and promotions from thousands of top retailers. With strong partnerships and contributions from Canadian retailers, Coupons.ca has rapidly become the leading coupon shopping site in Canada. Coupons.ca is available in both French and English, giving us the exciting opportunity to help expand the coupon market in the Quebec region.



CouponWinner.com turns savvy shoppers into champions. Users can enjoy the hottest deals from every retail category and explore thousands of special offers that can’t be found anywhere else. With easy access to more than 35,000 coupons from over 10,000 stores, CouponWinner.com makes everyday shopping a win.



SurfMyAds.com, Inc. travels across the pond to deliver the finest in voucher codes and discounts. Codes.co.uk provides UK online shoppers the hottest coupons from the biggest brands. Featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph, Herald Scotland and other media outlets, Codes.co.uk stands by its name as the ultimate directory for savings. We’re helping savvy shoppers worldwide!



Launched in 2010, myShoes.com is an innovative shopping platform designed to expedite the process of buying women’s shoes. Our visual search engine, the ShoeStylist, makes it easy for shoppers to customize their search based on their preferences. myShoes works with hundreds of retailers including Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, and Heels.com  to list the lowest prices—complete with coupon codes—to make your shoe-buying experience a breeze.

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