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If you have a website or websites with healthy traffic volume and are looking for ways to provide more value to your users as well as unlock a new revenue source, a coupon syndication partnership is a simple but reliable solution.

You can share promo codes and coupons from thousands of our exclusive retailer partners on your website and retain 100% of the earned commission from sales made by your users. Syndicating coupon data on your website can also increase the overall visitor engagement rate and further build a positive brand image.

Our syndication software platform allows us to send tailored coupons and deals to your website via a simple API solution with no setup or monthly fees.

How does coupon syndication work?

  1. Our retailer partners provide us with their coupons and promo codes
  2. Our optimization team verifies and publishes these offers to our content platform
  3. Coupons and offers are made available to official partners via a private syndication API
  4. Partners display syndicated coupons on their websites
  5. Visitors to the partner websites click a coupon and are redirected to the merchant website to finalize their purchase
  6. The syndication partner is credited for any completed sale
  7. The retailer partners pay Surfmyads the commissions for all completed transactions
  8. Surfmyads pays syndication partners 100% commission for all of their credited sales

What are the benefits of a coupon syndication partnership?

  1. You keep 100% of commission earned
  2. No setup or monthly fees
  3. Added value to your visitors
  4. Coupons and deals from over 20,000 retailers in all category verticals
  5. Increase page stickiness and lower bounce rates
  6. Access greater insight into visitor interests and purchases
  7. Further improve your website’s perceived value

Contact our partnerships team to learn more about coupon syndication solutions for your website.

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