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Surfmyads.com, Inc. was founded in 2006 in Santa Barbara, CA by Aydin Karadeniz, Founder & CEO. Aydin quickly developed a deep understanding of online marketing at the very early stages of the dot com boom. The skills and knowledge he gained at a startup software company in the early 2000’s gave him the platform to start Surfmyads.

A website by Surfmyads means a place where consumers can experience financial alleviation and explore options on how to intelligently make purchases while saving money. Shoppers from around the globe are able to come together and get more while spending less.

In 2011, the company moved its headquarters from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles where it continued to launch and operate several coupon and deal websites. A sister office was also opened in Istanbul, Turkey in 2012, where all website content and traffic is managed by an expert optimization team. With employees also residing in London, England, Surfmyads has grown into a global company that has a diverse culture and history, which is the proud foundation of the company’s identity.

Surfmyads maintains a strong focus on coupon websites while also transitioning into a technology platform company over the past five years. With a suite of bespoke internal software systems that are used daily by company team members, Surfmyads continues to aggressively invest time and resources on its in-house technology solutions.

The foundation of Surfmyads relies on the invaluable qualities of hard work and making a powerful impact. The company continually seeks to find individuals who are eager to push the boundaries and perform at their personal best. Surfmyads always encourages people to bring their creative ideas to the table and diverse backgrounds and experience are warmly embraced.

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