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As a brand, providing strong coupons, discount codes, and deals is an effective way to increase sales, conversion rates, and loyalty in your customer base.

Online shoppers have become smarter and more savings-focused and want to make sure they are getting a good deal. Before making a purchase, shoppers compare prices at similar websites, carefully read product reviews, and are influenced by the opinions of other shoppers.

Offering coupons is a must for retailers in today’s consumer environment. Studies show shoppers can harbor negative feelings toward a brand that does not offer coupons or deals. For example, JCPenny’s decision to remove all coupons and sales from their online and brick-and-mortar stores led to a large decline in sales and customer sentiment.

As a retailer, do you have an effective coupon marketing strategy? How do you plan to support and attract today’s smart shoppers?

What more can coupon promotions provide your brand?

Positive Brand Experience
Research shows strong coupons can cultivate positive emotions in shoppers toward your brand and benefit the overall purchase cycle.
Free Mass Marketing Exposure
Happy customers are more prone to share your coupons with others in their social circles, building upon invaluable word-of-mouth marketing.
Increase in Conversion Rates
Our internal data shows the average conversion rate per customer increases up to 25% with an attractive coupon.
Increase in Average Order Size
Promo codes and coupons with strategic order value targets can provide increases to overall average order value.
Lower Return Rate
Return rates see a significant overall decrease when customers obtain a product at a discounted price.
New Customer Acquisition
Coupons targeting new shoppers are a strong channel for growing your brand’s new customer base.
Deeper Customer Insight
Our reporting provides important insight into how your customers are interacting with various types of coupons and helps create a clearer picture of their needs and interests.
Intelligent Marketing and Advertising Strategy
Our coupon strategy team works closely with you to craft the specific promotions that resonate with your customers and where to best reach them on our websites.

Contact our marketing team to learn about the wide variety of coupon placement opportunities on our websites and how they can benefit your brand.

If your store is already listed on our websites, let us work with you to find even greater visibility for your coupons and deals.

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